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7th International Conference on Unsolved Problems on Noise

Barcelona, Casa Convalescència, Spain, July 13-17 2015



Program UPoN 2015

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Monday, July 13 2015

   8:00 9:00    Registration
   9:00 9:30    Welcome and opening remarks UPoN 2015
       Ferran Sancho Pifarré - Rector de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
         Emilio Lora-Tamayo D'Ocón - President of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)
         Xavier Oriols - Chairman UPoN 2015
Fluctuations in econophysics
   9:30 10:00    Novel Statistical Physics Approaches to Understanding Economic Fluctuations ( INVITED ) UPON2015 logo
       H. Eugene Stanley (USA)
Applications of noise(I)              CHAIRMAN: Michael F. Shlesinger (USA)
   10:00 10:30    Active Brownian motion in confined geometries ( INVITED ) UPON2015 logo
       Vyacheslav R. Misko (Belgium)
   10:30 10:50    Brownian motion and weak ergodicity breaking ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       G. J. Lapeyre, Jr (Spain)
   10:50 11:10    Brownian motors in the micro-scale domain: Enhancement of efficiency by noise ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Jakub Spiechowicz (Poland)
   11:10 11:30    Unconditional security in practical Kirchhoff-law-Johnson-noise key exchangers ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Laszlo B. Kish (USA)
      Coffee Break
Noise in complex and non-linear systems (I)              CHAIRMAN: Lukasz Machura (Poland)
   12:00 12:30    Rates of rare events: scaling, fragility, and delay effects ( INVITED ) UPON2015 logo
       Mark Dykman (USA)
   12:30 12:50    Stochastic resonance and diversity-induced resonance in complex systems ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Marco Patriarca (Estonia)
   12:50 13:10    Non-hermitian diffusion ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Maciej A. Nowak (Poland)
      Lunch (at the Dining Room of Casa Convalescència)
Fluctuations in biological systems (I)              CHAIRMAN: Aneta Stefanovska (UK)
   14:40 15:10    From cell membranes to ultracold gases: classical and quantum diffusion in inhomogeneous media ( INVITED ) UPON2015 logo
       Pietro Massignan (Spain)
   15:10 15:30    A motor that detects the length of DNA by using chain fluctuation ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Kuni H Iwasa (Germany)
   15:30 15:50    Model and parameter determination for molecular motors from single molecule experiments ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Francisco Javier Cao (Spain)
   15:50 16:10    Free energy measurement of ligands binding nucleic acids using fluctuation theorems ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Joan Camunas-Soler (Spain)
      Coffee Break
Fluctuations in biological systems (II)              CHAIRMAN: Bernardo Spagnolo (Italy)
   16:40 17:10    Is it possible to detect long-range interactions among biomolecules through noise and diffusion? ( INVITED ) UPON2015 logo
       Irene Donato (France)
   17:10 17:30    Electrochemical noise analysis to probe ion transport mechanisms in a membrane channel ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Maria Queralt-Martin (Spain)
   17:30 17:50    Coulomb Blockade of Stochastic Permeation in Biological Ion Channels ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       P.V.E. McClintock (UK)
   17:50 18:10    Antipersistent Random Walk in a Two State Flashing Magnetic Potential ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Pietro Tierno (Spain)
   18:10 18:30    Giant acceleration of diffusion observed in a single-molecule experiment on F1-ATPase ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Kumiko Hayashi (Japan)




Tuesday, July 14 2015

Quantum noise and coherence (I)              CHAIRMAN: Wolfgang Belzig (Germany)
   9:00 9:30    The role of temperature in different thermodynamic ensembles ( INVITED ) UPON2015 logo
       Peter Hänggi (Germany)
   9:30 10:00    Adiabatic Passage and Noise in Quantum Dots ( INVITED ) UPON2015 logo
       Sigmund Kohler (Spain)
   10:00 10:20    Non-zero probability of detecting identical electrons at the same position: How does it affect the Landauer-Büttiker noise expression at high temperatures? ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Enrique Colomés (Spain)
   10:20 10:40    Dissipative dynamics of a quantum particle strongly interacting with a super-Ohmic heat bath ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Luca Magazzu (Italy)
   10:40 11:00    Fractional quantum Hall spectroscopy investigated by a resonant detector ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Alessandro Braggio (Italy)
      Coffee Break
Experimental frontiers of noise              CHAIRMAN: Luca Varani (France)
   11:30 12:00    Thermal and mechanical noise in gravitational wave detectors ( INVITED ) UPON2015 logo
       Gianpietro Cagnoli (France)
   12:00 12:20    The quest for the missing noise in a micro-mechanical system out of equilibrium ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Ludovic Bellon (France)
   12:20 12:40    Noise Thermal Impedance: a way to access electron dynamics. ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       E. Pinsolle (Canada)
      Poster session and Lunch (at the Dining Room of Casa Convalescència)
Applications of noise (II)              CHAIRMAN: Laszlo Kish (USA)
   15:30 15:50    Towards an information-theoretic model of the Allison mixture ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Lachlan Gunn (Australia)
   15:50 16:10    How a player with finite memory can win by switching in a sequence of Parrondo Games? ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Ka Wai CHEUNG (China)
   16:10 16:30    Asymmetry in Genetic Code and the Role of Parrondo’s Paradox in Nature ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Lee Kee Jin (Singapore)
      Coffee Break
Fluctuations in materials and devices (I)              CHAIRMAN: Javier Mateos (Salamanca)
   17:00 17:20    Percolation noise at the metal-insulator transition of nanostructured VO2 films ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Laszlo B. Kish (USA)
   17:20 17:40    Frequency-dependent shot noise in single-electron devices interpreted by means of waiting time distributions ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Vincent Talbo (Spain)
   17:40 18:00    Conductance fluctuations in Si nanowires studied from first-principles ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Riccardo Rurali (Spain)




Wednesday, July 15 2015

Fluctuations in biological systems (III)              CHAIRMAN: Peter McClintock (England)
   9:00 9:30    Chronotaxic dynamics: when the characteristic frequencies fluctuate and the system is stable ( INVITED ) UPON2015 logo
       Aneta Stefanovska (UK)
   9:30 9:50    Fluctuations and effective temperature in an active dumbbell system ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Giuseppe Gonnella (Italy)
   9:50 10:10    Fluctuation Relations applied to characterize heterogeneous molecular ensembles ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Alvaro Martínez-Monge (Spain)
   10:10 10:30    Stochastic facilitation in the brain? ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Lawrence M. Ward (Canada)
   10:30 10:50    Seeking for a fingerprint: analysis of point processes in actigraphy recording ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Ewa Gudowska-Nowak (Poland)
      Coffee Break
Fluctuations in materials and devices (II)              CHAIRMAN: Gijs Bosman (USA)
   11:20 11:50    Noise in graphene and carbon nanotube devices ( INVITED ) UPON2015 logo
       Bernard Plaçais (France)
   11:50 12:10    Is the peculiar behavior of 1/f noise in graphene the result of the interplay between band-structure and inhomogeneities? ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       M. Macucci (Italy)
   12:10 12:30    Monte Carlo study of velocity fuctuations during transient regimes in graphene ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       José M. Iglesias (Spain)
      Photo of the UPoN 2015 conference (12:30)
      Lunch (at the Dining Room of Casa Convalescència)
Fluctuations in materials and devices (III)              CHAIRMAN: Massimo Macucci (Italy)
   14:30 14:50    Measurements of RF noise in InGaAs/InAlAs recessed diodes: Signatures of shot-noise suppression ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       J. Mateos (Spain)
   14:50 15:10    1/f noise arising from time-subordinated Langevin equations ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Julius Ruseckas (Lithuania)
   15:10 15:30    Plasmonic Noise of Field-Effect Transistors Operating at Terahertz Frequencies ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       L. Varani (France)
     Visit to Sagrada Familia / Catedral del mar (17:00)
      Committee dinner




Thursday, July 16, 2015

Theoretical trends in noise and fluctuations (I)              CHAIRMAN: Peter Hänggi (Germany)
   9:00 9:30    Fluctuation theorems and stochastic thermodynamics : applications to energy fluctuations in electric circuits and micro devices ( INVITED ) UPON2015 logo
       Sergio Ciliberto (France)
   9:30 9:50    Experimental realization of a microscopic Carnot engine ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       L. Dinis (Spain)
   9:50 10:10    Equilibrium and non-equilibrium fuctuations at the single molecule level: from free-energy measurements to inference ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       M. Ribezzi-Crivellari (Spain)
   10:10 10:30    Fluctuations of intensive variables and non-equivalence of thermodynamic ensembles ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       A.Ya. Shul’man (Russia)
      Coffee Break
Other topics of noise              CHAIRMAN: Felix Ritort (Spain)
   11:00 11:30    How can the fluctuations in the motion of kayak-paddlers be used to estimate performance? ( INVITED ) UPON2015 logo
       Zoltan Gingl (Hungary)
   11:30 11:50    Is There an Optimal Search Strategy? ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Michael F. Shlesinger (USA)
   11:50 12:10    A stochastic model for phytoplankton dynamics in the Tyrrhenian Sea ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Davide Valenti (Italy)
      Poster session and Lunch (at the Dining Room of Casa Convalescència)
Theoretical trends in noise and fluctuations (II)              CHAIRMAN: Ludovic Bellon (France)
   14:50 15:20    All that glitters is not gold: Zero-point energy in the Johnson noise of resistors ( INVITED ) UPON2015 logo
       Laszlo B. Kish (USA)
   15:20 15:40    The spectral characteristics of steady-state Lévy flights in an in nitely deep rectangular potential well ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       A.A. Kharcheva (Russia)
   15:40 16:00    Stationary states in 2D systems driven by Lévy noises ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       B. Dybiec (Poland)
   16:00 16:20    Typical pure states and rare events for quantum many-body systems ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Takaaki Monnai (Japan)
      Coffee Break
Noise in complex and non-linear systems (II)              CHAIRMAN: Derek Abbott (Australia)
   16:50 17:10    Degradation Stochastic Resonance Concept: Benefits of Controlled Noise Injection in Adaptive Averaging cell-based Architecture ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Antonio Rubio (Spain)
   17:10 17:30    Noise on resistive switching: a Fokker-Planck approach ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       G. A. Patterson (Argentina)
   17:30 17:50    Stochastic enhancement of absolute negative mobility ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Lukasz Machura (Poland)
   17:50 18:10    Cascade Amplification of Fluctuations ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Michael Wilkinson (UK)
   18:10 18:30    Conversion of mechanical noise into useful electrical energy using piezoelectric 2D materials ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Gabriel Abadal (Spain)
      Gala dinner - Museu d'Historia de Catalunya - (20:30)




Friday, July 17 2015

Quantum noise and coherence (II)              CHAIRMAN: Paolo Bordone (Italy)
   9:00 9:30    Classical and quantum non-linear dynamics in optomechanical systems ( INVITED ) UPON2015 logo
       Yaroslav Blanter (Netherlands)
   9:30 9:50    Pauli-Heisenberg Oscillations in Electron Quantum Transport ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Karl Thibault (Canada)
   9:50 10:10    Effects of non-Gaussian a-stable noise sources on the transient dynamics of long Josephson junctions ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Claudio Guarcello (Italy)
   10:10 10:30    On the weak measurement of the electrical THz current: a new source of noise ? ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Damiano Marian (Italy)
      Coffee Break
Quantum noise and coherence (III)              CHAIRMAN: Yaroslav Blanter (Netherlands)
   11:00 11:30    Elementary events and probabilities in time-dependent quantum transport ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Wolfgang Belzig (Germany)
   11:30:11:50    Electron interferometry in quantum Hall edge channels ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Jerôme Rech (France)
   11:50 12:10    Functional approach to heat-exchange, application to the spin boson model: from Markov to quantum noise regime. ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Matteo Carrega (Italy)
   12:10 12:30    Heat and charge current fluctuations in a thermoelectric quantum dot ( ORAL ) UPON2015 logo
       Adeline Crépieux (France)
   12:30 12:45    Concluding remarks UPON2015 logo
       Lino Reggiani (Italy)





   P.01    Non-Gaussian Stochastic Diffusion: Accounting Fourth Cumulant
       Boris Grafov (Russia)
   P.02    Quasi-stable PDF of velocities of accelerated metal clusters on graphite before joining an island
       Ekaterina I. Anashkina (Russia)
   P.03    Random walks in random stochastic environments
       M A García-March (Spain)
   P.04    Independence of superdiffusion in random low-density Lorentz gas on geometrical properties of moving scatterers
       Ekaterina I. Anashkina (Russia)
   P.05    Single molecule measurement of the effective temperature in nonequilibrium steady states
       J. Camunas-Soler (Spain)
   P.06    Finite-frequency noise in a non-interacting quantum dot
       Adeline Crépieux (France)
   P.07    Features of Noise in Ultrathin Gold Nanowire Structures
       Svetlana Vitusevich (Germany)
   P.08    High Frequency Cutoff in 1/f Spectra of Hole Doped LaxCa1-xMnO3 Manganite Single Crystals
       Jacek Przybytek (Poland)
   P.09    Noise-induced resonance-like phenomena in InP crystals embedded in fluctuating electric fields
       B. Spagnolo (Italy)
   P.10    Study on the origin of 1/f noise in bulk acoustic wave resonators
       F. Sthal (France)
   P.11    The electron transit time is not the ultimate responsible for the high-frequency noise: The frontier between electronics and electromagnetism
       Zhen Zhan (Spain)
   P.12    Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) analyzed by using Weighted Time Lag Method in Resistive Switching devices
       M. Maestro (Spain)
   P.13    On the Role of Current-Voltage Correlations on the Electric Power Consumption of Electronic Devices
       Guillermo Albareda (Spain)
   P.14    1/fß fuctuations from sequences of rectangular pulses
       Julius Ruseckas (Lithuania)
   P.15    D'yakonov-Perel' spin decay in the weak scattering regime and the case of graphene
       Xavier Cartoixà (Spain)
   P.16    Current Fluctuations Originating from Non-Metallic (Physical) Leads
       Guillermo Albareda (Spain)
   P.17    Elastic response and secondary structure of single-stranded DNA
       Xavier Viader-Godoy (Spain)
   P.18    Thermodynamic and kinetic analysis of a DNA hairpin using optical tweezers and a temperature controller
       Marc Rico Pastó (Spain)
   P.19    Causality analysis of ANS activities by multidimensional directed coherence on body temperatures variations
       Akio Nozawa (Japan)
   P.20    Fluctuations on cancer growth dynamics in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
       N. Pizzolato (Italy)
   P.21    Analysis of Fluctuation in Repeated Handwritting Based on Psychophysiological Factors
       Amir Maleki (Japan)
   P.22    Probabilistic characteristics of noisy Van der Pol type oscillator with polynomial damping
       A.A. Dubkov (Russia)
   P.23    Noise activated switching of a levitated nanoparticle in a bistable potential
       Francesco Ricci (Spain)
   P.24    Modeling long-range dependent inverse cubic distributions by nonlinear stochastic differential equations
       Julius Ruseckas (Lithuania)
   P.25    Passive and active vibrations allow self-organization in large-scale electromechanical systems
       Carlo Famoso (Italy)
   P.26    Randomness and Earth's climate variability
       Levinshtein M.E (Russia)
   P.27    Realization of non-equilibrium thermodynamic processes using external colored noise
       Pau Mestres (Spain)