UPON2015 logo

7th International Conference on Unsolved Problems on Noise

Barcelona, Casa Convalescència, Spain, July 13-17 2015



The UPON2015 Logo

This is the logo of the UPON 2015 conference designed by Zhen Zhan. The letters of the logo are taken from the "trencadis" of the undulating bench of the Park Güell.

The initial picture of Barcelona in this website was taken from the esplanade of the Park Güell also known, as the Teatre Grec or Nature Theatre, as it was meant for the holding of open-air shows. You can also see part of the undulating bench with the mentioned "trencadis" in the bottom of initial picture that we reproduce below.

The Park Güell construction began in 1900 by Antoni Gaudí and it is currently a much treasured leisure area for the people of Barcelona and a pole of attraction for visitors from all round the world.

The UNESCO declared the Park Güell a Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1984.