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7th International Conference on Unsolved Problems on Noise

Barcelona, Casa Convalescència, Spain, July 13-17 2015



Main topics and unsolved problems

List of the main topics of the UPoN 2015 conference (plus some examples of unsolved problems).


Unsolved Problems

1.- Theoretical trends in noise and fluctuations

Stochastic resonance


Vacuum fluctuation

Fluctuation theorems for out of equilibrium systems

. . . .

2.- Quantum noise and coherence

Noise, decoherence and weak measurements

Quantum fluctuations in far-from-equilibrium systems

Origin of quantum noise

Security or non-security of quantum key distribution?

Are quantum number generators provably random?

. . . .

3.- Fluctuations in materials and devices

Fluctuations in Resistive Switching devices

Conductance noise in graphene connected to a circuit

Percolation noise exponents in good/bad conductor phase transitions

Noise and plasma waves in semiconductor

Origin of 1/f and Random Telegraph Noise in devices

Origin of 1/f noise and internal dissipation in mechanical systems

. . . .

4.- Fluctuations in biological systems

Effect of long-range interactions among biomolecules on diffusion

Coherence in photosynthesis (how plants control quantum noise)

Stochasticity of neural spikes and brain signals

Stochastic permeation of biological ion channels

Couplings and interactions of noisy oscillators in the brain

Molecules in a crowded noisy cell

Noise in neuromorphic systems

Efficiency of molecular motors and other biological processes operating at a few kT

. . . .

5.- Noise in complex and non-linear systems/circuits

Phase and amplitude relationships and synchronization for noisy autonomous and non-autonomous systems

Coloured noise (sources and spectra) in circuits

Coupling functions between noisy nonlinear oscillators

Fluctuations in human group interactions

Fluctuations in turbulents flows & applications to climate study

. . . .

6.- Fluctuations in econophysics and financial markets

Volatility forecasting in turbulent times.

Forecast of stock market crash and financial bubble

Manipulations by the few or a random dynamics?

. . . .

7.- Applications of noise

Noise radars

Brownian ratchets and motors

Search in the presence of random false targets

Noise as a precursor of high-frequency instabilities

Noise for sensing and security

Reliability of calibrations through thermal noise measurement

. . . .

8.- Experimental frontiers of noise and fluctuations

Measurement of noise and fluctuations at very high frequencies (THz)

Measurement of noise and fluctuations at nanoscale

Dark matter and energy: real or not?

Measurement of thermal noise at cryogenic temperatures

Background radiation of the universe

. . . .

9.- Other topics of noise and fluctuations

Earthquake forecast

Wheather forecast

. . . .