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4.- Help

The BITLLES software is built into two different programs. Each one of the programs can run in different platforms with different operating systems. The conection between Part 1 and Part2 is done through a ASCII file whose name is decided by the user (Here we refer to it as the "my_input_file.txt" file ).

Part1 : User-friendly interface

Part1 is the program named BITLLES.exe where a User-friendly graphical interface is implemented to define the device geometry, materials properties and the parametres of the simulation. It does also check whether the design and simulation parametres are correct or not for the simulation that will be run in Part 2.

Part 2 : Computing software

Part2 is a computing software named BITLLESCOM.exe (or BITLLESCOM.out) where the powerful BITLLES algorithms are implemented.

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