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4.1.6.- Part 1: Volume properties

You have to define all the properties of each volume through the appropiate menu Part_1:_Menus. The information of each volume is shown in the figure below. The numerical values of each data can be ogical, enter, real or exponential.


Important notes

<!> The name of each volume cannot contain spaces (i.e. "gate1" is correct, but "gate 1" is incorrect).

<!> Those volums that are completelly sourrounded by other volumes have to be defiend as internal volumes. No boundary conditions have to be specified. On the other hand, if one part of the volume is not sourranded by other volumes it has to be defiend as external and its boundary conditons specified.

<!> Electron transport can only take place along the x axis. Thus, the "FLAGELECTRONS" in volume properties can only be activated (TRUE) having this restriction in mind.

<!> The units of the ORIGIN(X,Y,Z) and SIZE(X,Y,Z) of each volume are specified in the Part_1:_Menus -> Seting -> Global Scale Units.

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