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This is a website for public presentation of the electron transport software


Bohmian Interacting Transport in non-equiLibrium eLEctronic Structures (*)


BITLLES is a user-friendly and general-purpose software for the time-dependent simulation (DC, AC, noise) of electron transport in nanoelectronic devices, using semi-classical or quantum (Bohmian) trajectories. The software is developed by the Departament d'Enginyeria Electrònica from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Some useful infomration can be found in:

1.- For a review of Bohmian mechanics, see:

which is the first chapter of the book

2.- For an explantion of the importance of quantum transport see

and for the BITLLES simulator see the recent paper

Contact Information

(*) The acronym BITLLES (Bohmian Interacting Transport for non-equiLibrium eLEctronic Structures) is also the catalan name of the bowling pins, which are solid pieces of plastic or wood situated in a periodic structure (similar to a solid-state device) waiting for a ball (an electron) to impinge on them.

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