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4.2.2.- Part 2: Input files

The only input files for this Part 2 will be two *.TXT files plus the executable file.

BITLLESCOM.out (linux) BITLLESCOM.exe (Windows)

Executable file for the simulation defined in "input_file.txt"


A text file with a modifiable name with all the information about volums, materials and properties of the simulation

<!> See some examples of the "my_input_file.txt" in Examples_and_related_publications

<!> It is important that you use the check option in the first part file BITLLES.exe before using the file for this second part.

<!> The BITLLESCOM.exe (Windows) is compiled with GFORTRAN and the text files "input_file.txt" need to be ended with a proper END OF FILE command (a RETURN after the text).

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