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Books: Applied Bohmian Mechanics (Second edition)

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2014-06-14 10:28

Applied Bohmian Mechanics

• This book provides the first comprehensive discussion on the practical application of Bohm's ideas in several forefront research fields written by leading experts, with an extensive updated bibliography

• This book provides a didactic introduction to Bohmian mechanics easily accessible for graduate and undergraduate students including a thorough list of exercises and easily programmable codes.

Description: During many years, Bohmian mechanics - the interpretation of the quantum theory pioneered by Louis de Broglie and David Bohm- was perceived as an interesting philosophical explanation of quantum mechanics, but unable to help researchers in their everyday practical activity. In recent times, however, this initial view has changed and there is a renewed interest in Bohm’s theory because of its ability to make progress in several forefront research fields ranging from nanoscale systems to cosmology.

This book provides the first comprehensive explanation of the practical application of Bohm's ideas to generate new knowledge. The book contains nine chapters devoted to different topics of research written by worldwide reputed experts in each of these topics with an elaborated discussion of the advantage of using Bohm’s ideas in their fields and an extensive updated bibliography.

Readership: The book is addressed to students in physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, applied mathematics, nanotechnology, as well as both theoretical and experimental researchers who seek an intuitive understanding of the quantum world and new computational tools for their everyday research activity.