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Welcome to the:

Xavier Oriols Research Group







Xavier Oriols

Our research activity combines our interest for electron transport and Bohmian mechanics:

The need for faster and smaller electron devices is pushing electronics industry into the quantum regime, where the wave and the particle nature of electrons are relevant. Among others, Bohmian mechancis is a consistent formulation of quantum phenomena in terms of waves and particles. The fact that Bohmian mechanics remains mainly unexplored is a very attractive feature for adventurous scientists. Very often new cutting edge ideas come from outside of the main stream. For example:

We propose a new computational tool for the still unsolved many-body problem: Phys. Rev. Lett., vol.98, 066803 (2007) and common electron devices to get local (Bohmian) velocities and wave functions Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 110404 (2016).

We are developing, for the electronics industry, The_BITLLES_simulator based on these new cutting edge ideas.

Our research activity covers a large, but complementary, spectrum; from foundational aspects of physics till state-of-the-art electron device applications, from theoretical physics till practical engineering.

See also the question Where are the electrons?.

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