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The BITLLES (Bohmian Interacting Transport in non-equiLibirum eLEectronic Structures) simulator

During last years, my group is developing the BITLLES simulator for quantum transport in nanoelectronic devices. Specifically, the BITLLES simulators provides a time-dependent many-particle solution of the Schordinger equation in open systems taking into account electron-electron and electron-atom correlations.

Is is based on the ability of Bohmian trajectories to tackle the "many-particle" problem:X. Oriols, "Quantum-trajectory approach to time-dependent transport in mesoscopic systems with electron-electron interactions" Phys. Rev. Lett., vol.98, 066803 (2007).


See the BITLLES_development, some practicals applications in Nanoelectronics and some visual examples in Video_animations.

A beta version is already FREE available at: http://europe.uab.es/bitlles

For those interested on BITLLES simulator, as a final users or developers, please contact:

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